BITS Pilani2005-2009

In my undergrad, outside of the coursework involving designing chips, programming the FPGA or writing pattern recognition code, I customized the ipmsg application for the university. One of my favorite pet projects during the time was called USB based PC Oscilloscope that I built for Apogee 2008.

DreamWorks Animation2009-2015

During my 6 years at DreamWorks Animation, I designed and co-created a pipeline for movie data transfer in 2009. As a Technical Director on DreamWorks shows, I worked with Modeling, Surfacing/Texturing and Lighting departments. I also created the first ever production webapp in DreamWorks India. I led the vision and product management for a new movie review platform. I also led the first 3 products for the IT department - a fast employee search portal, a performance feedback management system and production scheduling.

Open Source

Interactive Statistical Distributions

Visualize statistical distributions such as Binomial, Beta, Gamma and much more. (link)

Vuejs + Tornado (python) webapp seed

Webapp seed with Vuejs, Tornado (python) using Coffeescript, LESS and Bootstrap 4 (source)


tget is wget for torrents (source)


API to interact with Wharton Webservices (source)

Angularjs + Tornado Seed webapp seed

Heroku deployable seed of angularjs + tornado + bootstrap + d3 (source)


My .aliases, .cshrc, .vimrc and more (source)